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Hosting Velocity

Hosting Velocity is America's trusted high-speed web hosting provider, providing thousands of website owners with all the services they need to grow online!

From premium shared web hosting to customized VPS & Dedicated servers, we provide a full suite of products and services for anyone seeking to run an effective website.

We're a rapidly reliable hosting company in a rapidly changing web!

A Brief History of Hosting Velocity was founded back in 2000 with the mission of providing affordable web hosting plans that came with easy-to-use web applications, custom hosting solutions, and other web-related services for online businesses.

We started out small, mostly hosting our sites and the sites of a few friends

Hosting Velocity was created by digital entrepreneurs for digital entrepreneurs, so we know what your online business needs to stay functional in a rapidly changing world. We are always updating our software and equipment to ensure you have the resources you need to stay competitive!

Web hosting is a lot like an apartment or commercial retail space. It’s where everything on your website (such as your web pages, pictures, emails, etc.) “lives”.

Shared hosting means you’re not buying your own server, but that you’re sharing the space on a server with others. Much like how an apartment or a store shares space in a complex.

Hosting Velocity’s physical servers are located in “natural disaster-free” locations through out the United States. This means that our servers won’t be effected by storms, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.

Our servers being in the United States means we’re able to provide faster load times for U.S.-based customers compared to hosting based overseas.

We're not just another web hosting company.

Big Business Solutions For Your Small Business

Hosting Velocity provides top-of-the-line customer service along with the latest web server technology.

Our servers and our team work around the clock 365 days a year to ensure the speed and security of your website.

As business owners ourselves, we understand what it takes to run a successful online business. We provide you with the tools & resources you need to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Always Improving In A Rapidly Changing Web

Part of the Hosting Velocity difference is that we’re always trying to stay ahead of the technological curve so you don’t have to.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the necessity of staying ahead of the competition as well as having the ability to adapt. With high up-times, massive scalability, and professional security, Hosting Velocity’s mission is to make sure your site is up and running 24/7.

Customizable Enterprise Solutions

For high traffic, big brand, and/or growing business sites where optimal performance is critical, Hosting Velocity provides high quality and custom Enterprise-level solutions.

Need a dedicated server? Something for hosting your database or your application? Looking to launch a gaming server?

Look no further than the rapid reliable services offered by Hosting Velocity! Contact us today to see how we can assist you.